"Gretchen is dog walker extraordinaire! She has cared for two of my dogs, Daphne and Violet. Daphne, my sweet old black lab, benefited from Gretchen’s tender attention in her last couple of years. Gretchen would take Daphne slowly around the block, or on a short walk to the vet for a nail trim. One day Daph just couldn’t go that far, so Gretchen put her in the car instead, to make sure she still got what she needed. I know that Gretchen misses Daphne as much as we do. Then along came Violet, who’s now two and half. Our Violet is a lean, lanky Greyhound/Shepherd/who knows what mix, who needs lots of attention and exercise. This long-legged wonder has adored Gretchen since puppyhood and they’ve spent hours and hours together walking the neighborhood, Green Lake and local parks. Violet has endless energy and Gretchen’s up to the task. One of the things Vi and I both love about Gretchen is that she’s a rain or shine dog walker. No matter the weather, or the time, I know that Vi will come home happy and tired. I trust Gretchen completely. My dog is safe and well cared for, and Gretchen is likely the most reliable, responsible, level-headed person I’ve ever met. She’s part of the family for all of us – dogs and humans alike. "

- Jodi

Rooney and Hines

" Gretchen, owner of Bow Wow Walk, does a wonderful job of helping us take care of our dogs. She treats them like her own and gives them a lot of love and care. The girls get so excited when they see Gretchen, they just adore her. We rely on Gretchen for dog walking, overnight visits, dog food runs and special care from time to time. Her flexibility and professionalism is something we value and it gives us a high level of trust in Gretchen."

- Karin


"Gretchen is more than just a dog walker—she's an integral part of our household. She truly loves my anxious, snappish older dog and is incredibly patient with and kind to him, for which I am eternally grateful. And she not only puts up with my erratic schedule, last-minute requests and random texts, she is cheerful and supportive about it. She's honest, reliable, good-natured, great with dogs and I can't imagine life without her. Hiring her will be one of the best decisions you ever made. "

- Amy

Pixie and Wylie

"When I first reached out to Gretchen to help me with my dogs, I was just coming out of a terrible attack experience with my smallest dog, Pix. I was extremely sensitive to trusting others with Pix at that time, but knew I needed the extra help. It's difficult for me to put into words how appreciative I have become of Gretchen's integrity and trustworthiness with, let's face it, my babies! The words don't seem to fully convey how grateful I am. Not only is she more flexible to my scheduling needs than I ever would have expected, but I actually get the feeling that she loves my dogs almost as much as I love them! I will always, always refer people to Gretchen--she has to be the very best dog walker/sitter/lover in town. "

- Michelle